Driving from Houlton, Maine

Travel time from Houlton is approximately 4.5 hours, and a set of directions from Google Maps is available here (the Camp’s co-ordinates are 48.041308,-65.449762).

  • After crossing the border at Houlton, Maine follow highway 95 on the Canadian side to the junction with the Trans Canada highway #2.
  • Take the Trans Canada #2 West, you will see a sign for Edmunston and St-Leonard. Stay on highway #2 until you see the exit for Campbellton, New Brunswick, (about an hour drive from the border crossing to the Campbellton exit).
  • Take the exit to Campbellton, you will be on highway #17.
  • Follow #17 for approximately 90 minutes. As a reference point you will drive by the towns of St-Quentin and Kedgwick.
  • After 90 minutes you will see an exit for Campbellton, New Brunswick.
  • Take this exit and follow the directions to downtown Campbellton. Campbellton is a small town and not difficult to get around.
  • Once in Campbellton follow directions to the bridge, for your reference there is a large bridge that crosses from New Brunswick to Quebec.
  • After crossing the bridge you will drive approximately two miles to the junction for highway 132.
  • Turn right on highway 132 east, you will now be following the south shore of the Gaspe Peninsula. As a reference point you will pass by the towns of Carleton, Maria and New Richmond. The drive from Campbellton to Caplan is about 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Once you arrive in Caplan  you will see a Toyota Dealership on your right. At the Toyota dealership in Caplan, Quebec turn left  towards St-Alphonse. Drive 10.6 kilometers to the junction or “T”.
  •  At the stop sign turn right and drive for 4.6 Kilometers where you will see a well maintained gravel road on your left.
  •  Turn left in this gravel road and drive 1.5 kilometers to the entrance to the club on your right. The club facility is at the bottom of the hill.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to call the Club at 418 388 5582 or 418 534 3678.