Traveling By Train

An overnight train from Montreal is also available and is an interesting and enjoyable way to begin and end your trip. The train is equipped with private bedrooms, showers, lounge car and dining car. The train schedule allows for a full day’s fishing on your first and last days at The Club. The train schedule is favorable for anyone flying into Montreal with a scheduled departure from Montreal at 7:00 pm and an arrival at 6:38 am in the town of Campbellton, New Brunswick, only one hour from the Lodge. Departure from Campbellton, New Brunswick is at 10:18 pm, arriving in Montreal at 10:03 am the next morning. The train schedule allows you to have breakfast with us on your first day and an early dinner on your last.

The train departs from Montreal three day a week on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday arriving the next morning in Campbelton, New Brunswick. The return train back to Montreal departs Campbeltown three days a week on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

We can arrange for our shuttle to meet you in Campbellton and take you back.